Home school approval

It is important that the student’s home school is aware of and approves the application to study abroad. In order to complete the student’s application the school’s study abroad advisor or registrar must complete and sign the Home School Approval Form and return it to Abroadia.

course load

For semester programs, students must enroll in at least 12 semester hours worth of classes.

For summer programs and other short-term options, Abroadia can customize the number of contact hours to fit the student’s academic requirements.

Minimum requirements

Students must be fully enrolled at your institution and should be at least 18 years of age.

Abroadia requires that students have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.60 at the time that they apply to study abroad. If your institution has a minimum GPA requirement that students must meet in order to qualify to study abroad, this supersedes the Abroadia GPA requirement.

For summer or short-term programs there is no minimum language proficiency required.

For semester or academic year programs, students must have taken at least three semesters of college/university Spanish before they study abroad. Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish credit does not count toward meeting this this requirement.

Heritage speakers may meet the Spanish-language requirement by providing an evaluation form completed by your institution’s Spanish department.

Pre and Post Study Abroad

Abroadia strong believes that preparation before a study abroad experience and a follow-up after it are essential to solidifying what students have learned while abroad. Once a student is accepted into an Abroadia program, we will send him/her two links: one features an online course centered on developing cultural intelligence (required) and the other allows students to take part in a video chat with native speakers in Spanish-speaking countries via a Skype-like platform (optional). Upon completion of the study abroad experience, the students can continue their cultural intelligence course to earn a certificate and maintain their relationships via the online video chats.

One pre-departure activity that you can organize with outbound students is called the Social Identity Wheel. It encourages students to reflect on their individual and group identity and can be very helpful as they navigate new waters abroad.