Why Cuba?

Cuba has fascinated U.S. politicians and the general public for decades and President Barack Obama's historic 2014 announcement normalizing relations between that island country and the U.S. rejuvenated long dormant interest in this nation.  Now more than ever it is extremely important to learn first-hand about this island nation as Cuba and the U.S. resuscitate their relationship.  Abroadia is committed to provide meaningful academic and cross-cultural experiences for college and university students. 

Short-term Programs in Cuba

Abroadia designs short-term programs to fit the needs of you and your students. Whether the duration of your program is one week or six weeks, we can customize all aspects of the itinerary and coordinate events, cultural activities, visits and presentations with our Cuban partners in and outside of Havana. Throughout the program there will be a consistent thread meant to encourage and inspire interactions between your students and Cubans young and old. Anyone can travel to Cuba, but to know Cuba and to interact with its culture and people requires a special touch and Abroadia prides itself in promoting learning (inside and outside the classroom)  cross-cultural conversations with Cuban people. 

Colleges and universities can work with Abroadia to set up Spanish-language classes and establish homestays for American students. Abroadia will provide students with opportunities to take part in activities designed to immerse them in the local culture and to interact with Cuban students. 

The study abroad experience does not begin with the arrival of American students in Cuba. We set up e-mail exchanges with Cuban university students before the program begins so that once students arrive they will already have had some communication with a Cuban or two.  Past students have communicated with their Cuban peers via Facebook before and after the program.


Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba

Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba

Abroadia offers two housing options for your program in Cuba: 1) homestays with Cuban families; and 2) hotel accommodations. All Cuban homes and families are vetted by Abroadia and are located within five minutes of the home of the Abroadia Resident Director. The Resident Director meets regularly with the Cuban families to go over health and safety procedures, student diets and program logistics. No previous experience is necessary to stay with the Cuban families. In fact, it is the best way to improve your Spanish!

It is not a problem to arrange accommodations at a hotel. This is a pricier option and it is important to keep in mind that the cost may go up during high tourist season (November-April). To guarantee room availability, Abroadia must make the reservations no less than four-five months before the program start date. 

Summer Programs

Abroadia offers students the opportunity to enroll in summer classes in the month of June. With a duration of just under 30 days, students can enroll in either one (1) Spanish-language class or one (1) content course in Spanish (for the content courses students must have an Intermediate-Spanish level ability.




Language Requirement

No previous experience with Spanish necessary, but if a student would like to enroll in a content course (taught entirely in Spanish by a Cuban professor) they must have Intermediate-level Spanish. 

Application Deadline

Customized programs: this depends on the dates of the program and other requirements that the soliciting university might have. But in general, Abroadia has set these deadlines for programs depending on when they take place:  

Program dates:                                       Deadline

January                                                                                       October 10

May                                                                                             January 10 

June                                                                                            February 10 

July                                                                                             March 10 


contact information:


Cell phone (US): +1.315.398.2752

Cell phone (Cuba): +53.5402.6642

Fax: +1.315.660.2022



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