Please use/modify the text below into an email to send to your Representative expressing opposition to the new travel restrictions that the US Treasury Department has placed on Cuba.

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Thank you!

Team Abroadia


My name is____________   and I am writing to you to express my concern over the June 4th US Treasury Department announcement stating the implementation of new restrictions against American travel to Cuba.

For more than 50 years now the US policy toward Cuba has been morally wrong and grossly ineffective. The sanctions imposed by the embargo against this country do not impact the Cuban government whatsoever but has devastating consequences for the Cuban people.  I don’t understand how our government can claim that these and other measures adopted by the US are designed to help the Cuban people, when all they have done is cause grief, pain, misery and even death for so many years.

Traveling to Cuba allows Americans to engage with Cubans and interact with them away from politics. It allows Americans to be Citizen Diplomats. It is shameful that this valuable opportunity is being taken away from us.

What better way to promote democracy than by performing it in our country and exporting it to the world? Senator William Delahunt famously said in 2004, “How can we export Democracy abroad if we do not practice it in our own country?” The vast majority of Americans want good relations with Cuba and the US Treasury Department’s decision on June 4th is blatantly un-Democratic. A bedrock component of Democracy is working together with other countries, not imposing our will on them.

I urge you to oppose this latest measure and to promote diplomacy and engagement with Cuba.

Thank you for your time.