Abroadia was able to provide a fantastic experience for me travelling to Cuba. Searching tirelessly for the right provider, Abroadia delivered a study abroad program that maximized my experience by putting me with wonderful locals and guiding me through practical logistics. Abroadia understands the value of study abroad and it shows with its focus on strengthening community there and leaving students with a genuine and rewarding experience that challenges our preconceptions. If a student is looking for more authenticity and value out of their abroad experience, I highly recommend Abroadia.

-Dillon W., Emmanuel College 2020, Cuba Intersession Program 2018-2019

I really enjoyed Abroadia's idea of traveling throughout the entire island. I think it allowed us to see, learn and experience different parts of Cuba.

-Eunice G., Lafayette College 2019, Cuba Intersession Program 2018-2019

I truly enjoyed my overall experience. I definitely made the most of my trip and tried to do as much as I could and enjoy it all. Buenos Aires is a large city, so it’s hard to do everything, but whatever you do it will be worth it! I am very grateful for my experience and everyone in Buenos Aires who helped me get accustomed to the culture.

-Akili J., Methodist University 2020, Argentina Summer program 2019