Why Uruguay?


Bordered by Argentina and Brazil and touching the Atlantic Ocean, this small country is firmly embedded in the “rumba” of South American traditions and history. While some people may feel that Uruguay is overshadowed by its northern and southern neighbors, it prides itself in its own strong and vibrant culture. While Brazil’s annual carnival festival lasts one week, Uruguay celebrates its festival for six weeks. Everyone has heard that the Tango was born in Argentina, but equally as many say that it came into being in Uruguay. Visit Uruguay and decide for yourself!


Short-term Programs in Uruguay

Abroadia can customize a short-term experience for you in Uruguay. Whether you will be there for two weeks or one month, one thing you can count on is that you will have plenty of interactions with Uruguayans young and old. We imbue our programs with volunteer and service-learning options to complement the Spanish that you will be learning. May, June and July are the best months to spend time in Uruguay.

We also offer semester-length options.



Abroadia works closely with Adele Uruguay, a NGO based in Montevideo, to place students with Uruguayan families. All homes are thoroughly vetted and reviewed and many of the families have hosted international students for years. Students have the choice of eating two or three daily meals in their homestays.

Language Requirement

No previous experience with Spanish necessary, but if you would like to enroll in university courses for a semester, you should have at least high-Intermediate Spanish.

An evening of Tango music.

An evening of Tango music.

Summer program

Dates: May 16-June 13, 2020

Application Deadline: April 15, 2020

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U.S. phone: 315.398.2752